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Who am I? (Self Esteem)

Most human beings want to be successful, but in order for this to happen, it must determine one to gain knowledge and skills, have a positive attitude about oneself and work towards one’s goals in life (Self Esteem).

They need positive self-esteem to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

What Is Self Esteem?

These refer to the judgment an individual holds and maintains about him/herself.

  • If a person values and has confidence in himself, I say such a person has positive self-esteem.
  • When a person sees his selves and accepts both his strengths and weaknesses, I say such a person to have a positive esteem
  • Having self-esteem does not mean that a person should behave as if he or she is better than other people; rather it is accepting one’s self as who one is with a willingness to improve on one’s weaknesses.

Importance of Self Esteem

  • Feeling good   about   one’s   achievements   helps   build confidence
  • Knowing one can be successful at anything he tries means that one will take opportunities as they may come
  • Feeling good about oneself increases motivation and therefore his chances to have a successful career and fulfilling relationships.

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Features of a Person with High or Low S-Esteem


  • Assertive
  • Confidence
  • Caring attitude
  • Uses interactive approach
  • Respects authority


  • Very arrogant
  • Critical attitude
  • Rebellious
  • Suspicious of people
  • Has an inferiority complex

Strategies for Improving Self Esteem

Teachers should inform students that to improve their self-esteem, they should:

  • Be patient with yourself
  • Set small goals that can be accomplished so you will be successful, and gain confidence in your abilities
  • Reward your successes
  • Improve your self-image by meeting and establishing a new set of friends
  • Use your family as a support system
  • Stand firm when your group members try to influence your behaviour
  • Make a decision to change what you dislike about yourself

Factors That Enhance Self Esteem

  • Respect from others
  • Recognition for a job well done
  • A sense of achievement {e.g. feeling satisfied when you know you have done your schoolwork well or helped around the house)
  • Receiving love and attention from family and friends
  • Good relationships with people
  • Having close friends that support you
  • A stable home
  • Respect for one’s self
  • Feeling comfortable with your body and appearance

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Factors That May Inhibit the Development of High Esteem

  • Lack of achievement
  • Lack of recognition of achievements by family, friends, teachers, etc
  • Rejection by others
  • Peer pressure
  • Poor relationships with people
  • Poor self-image, not feeling comfortable with your body and appearance
  • Unstable home life
  • Domestic violence

Building self-esteem is one of the most important things in life. Having high esteem does not mean that one believes he/she is better than other people. It does not mean that one brags about oneself. They should assist students with low self-esteemed to build high esteem while they should assist those with high esteem to maintain it.

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