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Values and Values Clarification

These are beliefs, principles or standards to which we attach a lot of importance. As young people grow up, they develop their own values.

Our values are influenced by our family, friends, society, education, etc.


Young people’s values include:

  • Integrity
  • Honesty
  • Excellence
  • Belonging to a family
  • loyalty between friends
  • Respect that money is hard earned and must not be wasted
  • Respect for elders
  • Being useful and productive by having a job
  • Travelling/ visiting places
  • Status/position
  • Being fashionable
  • Having friends

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Some Societal values are:

  • Education
  • Bearing children and raising them under societal norms
  • Good grooming
  • Dressing well shows status and wealth
  • The celebration of important events, throwing big parties
  • Religion
  • Use of proverbs in speech

Value Clarification

Value clarification is the sorting of one’s own value from the values of others and those of the outside world.

Individuals, families and society may have a different value.

They should choose these values. When a person acts on a chosen value he/she always feels happy about himself/herself.

This also enables an individual to stand up for what he believes in (value) or stand up against external pressure or influence to behave in a way contrary to one’s value.

How Values Are Formed

The family: The family is the primary source of value I formation.

One of the family’s main roles is to impact children the norms, beliefs and value of the family and those of the society in which they live.

The society: they form fundamental value according to family background, society still impacts the outlook of its members.

Education: Exposure to education influences people’s beliefs.

The things they teach us to build upon our knowledge. Does this knowledge influence our desire? And also influences our actions.

Religion: Religion influences one’s outlook on life.

Religion helps define the moral and spiritual aspect of one’s value.

Peer Group: Friends influence one’s outlook on life. This influence will not have too many negative effects on an individual who already has clear personal value. Peer influence can be to learn to be studious too.

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Effects of Values on an Individual

  • It gives meaning and direction to our lives
  • This enables us to decide consistent with what we believe in
  • It influences our decisions, goals and behaviour

Individual values differ. They should inform young people that: under whatever condition, they should not drop their positive value to imbibe negative value from friends because of pressure.

The values we hold will guide our behaviour because it is important that one’s values are considered before taking a decision.

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