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Time Management (Learning To Make the Most of Time).

Time Management (Learning To Make the Most of Time). Living requires that people work hard to achieve all they want and need to achieve.

This means being conscious of how their time is used and not just letting them waste away. Too often, students do not consider how they are spending their time and how they might use their time more.

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The process of organizing oneself or one’s activities to achieve the best results within time.

Importance of Time Management

Time management is necessary in order:

  • Time plan one’s day well
  • To use time
  • To improve efficiency in the selection and execution of tasks
  • It prevents making wrong decisions
  • It reduces anxiety, worry, and unnecessary stress
  • To achieve good results in a reasonable time

Tips for Effective Use Of Time

  • Listing the clay’s activities.
  • Arranging them in order of their importance/priority.
  • Allocating reasonable time for each activity.
  • Keeping within the time allocated as much as possible.
  • Assessing how well the activities have been accomplished.
  • Re-allocating time for those not yet accomplished.

Prioritizing Activities

To do the most important tasks, it is necessary to put in order of priority and allocate sufficient time to each one.

Making an activity list on a daily basis helps one to stay focused and prevent spending too much time on things that are unnecessary.

However, certain activities that may be considered unnecessary often turn out to be enjoyable.

These should not be excluded from our activities but may be limited so they can accomplish high-priority activities e.g. watching TV for over one hour while the mathematics assignment is yet to be done.

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Good time management is a way of being in charge of our lives. It helps us achieve our goals and improve our efficiency and effectiveness.

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