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Some Side Effects Of Too Much Intake Of Fruit Shoot (Orange Drink)

Some Side Effects Of Too Much Intake Of Fruit Shoot (Orange Drink). The term fruit shoot (Orange flavoured drink) is a non- alcoholic sweet, orange-flavoured, sugary drink.

It has no orange juice and is composed mainly of water, flavour, sweeteners, additives colouring. The nutritional value is very low as a result of this.

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Blood Sugar Levels
The blood sugar of a person is raised slower as compared to glycemic food like candy and potatoes because the orange flavoured drink has low glycemic index levels.

This is absolutely fine when the orange drink is consumed in low quantity.

Energy Levels

One of the major side effects of drinking excess orange drink throughout the day is inconsistent energy levels.

Drinking orange juice excessively and on a regular basis can fluctuate blood sugar level, but the energy level drops when the sugar level drops.

A person feels energetic after gulping a glass of orange drink.

Nutritional Facts
The quantity of sugar and calories obtained from fruit shoot differs and depends mostly on the amount you have at a time. For example, a 4-0z serving of each food (orange drink) has 12.9g of carbohydrate and 56 calories in it.

A 16-0z orange drink, on the other hand, has 223 calories and 51.6g carbohydrate in it so basically orange drink isn’t a good source of fibre to whole fresh oranges.

Dental Caries
The human teeth are covered with enamels that are made out of calcium, the teeth are one of the strongest things in nature and survive even after thousand years of decay but can’t survive acidity for much longer.

Substances that are acidic react with the calcium enamel and cause its deterioration.

Excess intake of too much sugary foods acts as a great source of nutrition for bacteria residing in your mouth.

These bacteria use this sugar and convert it into acids, which then harm the teeth.

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Weight Gain
Consuming beverages with the high glycemic index can increase your weight and make you obsessed.

A small serving of orange drink isn’t satisfying for the body because it doesn’t contain fibre.

A large amount of consumption of orange drink can suddenly drop blood sugars levels. Weight gain occurs as a result of eating more food and carbohydrate.

Vitamin C Toxicity
Vitamin c is one of the independent body nutrients as it is needed for the synthesis of collagen and body tissues.

It is also needed for blood clotting and proper healing of wounds.

Taking more vitamin c than what your body needs or requires can result in vitamin c toxicity and things take a drastic turn when you drink too much vitamin c.

Vitamin c toxicity first manifests in the form of increased abdominal cramps and stomach upset.

The increased concentration of oxalic acid and acidity in your urine is caused by vitamin c increase.

These factors are optimum for increasing the chances for the formation of kidney stones and oxalic acid.

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