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Setting goals and process (Goal Setting)

Setting goals and the process of achieving those objectives is a sign of a good student. Goal setting is very important in development.

Goals are the things we want to carry out in life towards which we direct our efforts. Is an activity that enables us to plan what we want to accomplish in life.

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The targets we set depend on our values (i.e. what we consider being essential).

Types of Goals

Short-term goals: These are targets to be achieved in a limited period i.e. a student may be a medical doctor and, thus requires good grades in science subjects at the school certificate examination level, a short-term goal would need one to work hard and to achieve good grades in the exam.

Other short-term goals could include completing take-home assignments or projects on time, passing promotional exams, etc.

Long-term goals – These are goals to be achieved over a long time i.e. to become a graduate teacher requires at least 4 years of university education after getting 6 relevant credits in the SSCE exam.

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The long-term goal is to pass the university examination to become a graduate instructor, doctor, etc.

Importance of Goal Setting

These serve as a guide that helps us decide about what we want to do and how to go about achieving it

  • Goal setting gives meaning and direction to our activities
  • It increases our chances of getting our ambitions
  • It enables us to prepare and plan

Tips for Setting and Achieving Goals

  • Setting a goal that can be accomplished (realistic goals)
  • Writing out the steps for reaching the goal
  • Setting a reasonable time limit for settling the goal
  • Working to achieve each step
  • Checking progress by reviewing your activities
  • Testing progress once they have attained the goal
  • Knowing yourself and your capacity/ability
  • Being determined
  • Not expecting the achievement of the goal to be easy
  • Not hesitating to look for help when required and being careful in seeking and accepting help
  • Congratulating self on a job well by celebrating one’s little successes

Issues to Consider When Setting One’s Goals

  1. Are the goals reasonable?
  2. I low long will it take to achieve each short and high goal?
  3. What will happen when the goal is achieved?
  4. Should I rewrite or rethink this goal?

Stumbling Blocks to Goal Setting

The examples are:

  • Truancy and not staying in class
  • Dropping out of school, this a major stumbling block to a student with career ambition.
  • Engaging in pre-marital sex
  • Becoming a father or mother too early in life
  • Bad friend/gangs

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Discussion Points

  • What stumbling blocks might impede accomplishing one’s goals?
  • How do you overcome these stumbling blocks
  • What resources can be of help to young people as they work towards their goals?
  • How easy is it to change one’s career goals at various points in life?
  • Do they involve What in changing a career goal?

Setting goals depends on the values we hold and it helps us to work towards achieving our ambitions. Although there may be a lot of hurdles to overcome, with determination one can rim achieve his or her goals.

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