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Refusal Skills (Saying No and Standing by It).

Students may refuse whatever request offered to them by anyone that is not acceptable to them (Refusal Skills).

Some things offered to young people by peers can affect them request or demand that may have a negative effect on their life, education and future.

When young people do not want to have sex, go to a party or even take a small stick of a cigarette, their body language may communicate the desire to give it a trial.

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Most times, it is always difficult for young people to resist peer pressure in all these cases because they are so much connected with their friends and peers.

What Is Refusal Skill? (Definition)

I can define refusal skill as the ability or special competence to say or to show that one is unwilling to give, accept or do what another is requesting one to do by saying NO and standing by it.

Refusal skills require an individual to put his/her feelings and selfish desire under check.


Situations that may warrant the use of Refusal Skills

  • To pressurized into having sex
  • Being pressurized into smoking or drinking
  • To pressurized into stealing
  • Being pressurized into doing things that conflict with one’s values

Steps for practising Refusal Skill

  • Saying “NO” giving no reasons or explanations
  • Looking straight into the eyes of the individual pressurizing
    one and “say” NO
  • If the fellow attempt to put more pressure, the student
    should leave the scene shouting “NO”
  • Students should not give room for explanations when
    practising refusal skill

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Most times, young people are faced with so many life challenges and difficult situations.

Knowing about refusal skills and how to apply it would help to overcome many challenges of young people as it is Adolescent Sexual.

Reproductive Health issues.

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