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No state will be left out of Digital Switchover – Minister

Information and Culture Minister Alhaji Lai Mohammed assured that the transition from analog to digital broadcasting would not exclude any state from the digital switchover (DSO).

Minister Abuja was assured on Thursday that he would unveil a timetable for launching DSOs across the country.

Minister Task Force Chairman Mohammad, who is overseeing the successful completion of the project, said the timetable for the first phase roll out and analog switch-off has been approved.

“Before we turn off the analog in any state, we make sure that the digital terrestrial television (DTT) signal is at least 70 percent of that state’s population.

The remaining 30 percent protects direct-to-home (DTH) satellite signals.

“Once the analog signal is switched off, no one in the system receives the television signals,” he said.

He said the DTT signal did not effectively cover such areas because of the topography of certain areas, such as the Federal Capital Territory.

In such cases, the minister said, DTH satellite signals would be deployed to areas where DTT signals are not available. By completing the DTT expansion with DTH satellite signals, he said, no one would be left out of the DSO.

Talking about the price of DSO decoder, also known as set-top boxes, the minister said the government would see to it that they are affordable.

The Federal Ministry of Information and Culture is liaising with the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Investment to reduce tariffs on raw materials for the manufacture of set-top boxes in Nigeria.

We targeted a zero percent tariff for completely demolished parts and no more than a 5 percent tariff for semi-knocked parts. Semi-knocked parts.

“By doing so, we will see set-top boxes available to the average Nigerian,” he said.

Mohammed said the government would support channel owners and content providers by implementing an audience measurement system.

He said the audience measurement system would ensure that channel owner have a steady income from advertising to invest in popular content development.

Digital Switchover

“In this regard, the Council of Advertising Practitioners of Nigeria (Opcon) has proposed the implementation of key policies to ensure media advertising revenue by creating a healthy environment for media organizations.

“Soon, Opcon and the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on advertising debt to enable media owners to generate revenue from advertisers,” he said.

The Nigerian Professor News Agency (NAN) reported the details of the roll-timetable schedule for the April 29 launch in Lagos, provided by Armstrong Idakaba, Acting Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission.

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