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Listening to music while you live stream? “You need to stop doing that” says Twitch

Listening to music while you live stream? “You need to stop doing that,” says Twitch

Back in the prime days of October, Twitch began releasing archived streams after receiving Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) downloads.

Now, about a month after the incident, Twitch revealed what happened in the end.

“As of May this year, streamers receive less than 50 DMCA music-related notifications each year on Twitch. As of May, however, representatives of major recording labels began sending thousands of DMCA notices each week pointing to creators’ archives, especially track snapshots in age-old clips.

We continue to receive a lot of notices, and we do not expect that to slow down, ”wrote Twitch.

Listening to music

Copyright law is a complex beast and while many creators will cry out for “fair use”, the fact that this is simply a play on words while killing on Rainbow King 6: Siege is not a good help.

For those who want to know what fair use means in the US we recommend this review all from Stanford University Libraries.

This brings us to what Twitch does for creators whose job is to preserve history. The short answer is no, but Twitch is taking a break from considering strikes.

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This is because as Twitch puts it “we understand VODs and clips from years past may not reflect your current style of music”.

The reason for this suspension is that Twitch is able to build tools and broadcasters that need to deal with DMCA notifications.

It should be noted that 99 percent of DMCA applications were for broadcasters who played music in the background.

Twitch broadcasters’ advice
The platform advised broadcasters not to play recorded music on their broadcast unless they had all the rights to that music.

“Doing this is a great way to protect your streams going forward. If you are not sure that you own all the rights, you probably do not have them, ”said Twitch.

Twitch does not mention a few services that you can use to stream free royal music. Soundstripe, Monstercat Gold, Chillhope, NCS, and – our favorite pandemic sound – are all good choices.

Twitch also warned broadcasters about DMCA claims from music in the games.

“If you are playing games with recorded music on it, we recommend that you review their end-user license agreements (that text wall at the beginning of the game) to see how the terms set you up for streaming that music,” the platform said.

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Twitch works in ways that creators can find when they use copyrighted sound and many more complex ways to manage stored content rather than simply delete everything.

“One of the mistakes we made was not to build enough tools to allow creators to manage their VOD and Clip libraries.

You are indignant that the only option we have given you is a tool to remove bulk clips, and that we have only given you three days’ notice to use this tool. Listening to music

We could develop sophisticated, easy-to-use tools in the past. That we did not have in us. And we could have given creators a long time to tackle their VOD and Clip libraries – also to be missed.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and we will do better, ”said Twitch.

The platform will also start educating users about what they can and cannot do on Twitter via their Creator Camp page.

This is the beginning of what we suspect will be a long journey for both Twitch and creators.

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