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Influence of Gender on the Lives of Women and Men (Gender Issues)

Gender issues are those issues, which arise from differences between the activities, responsibilities, and opportunities of women and men.

It arises from what society expects from people based on their sex.

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Tradition, culture, religious, economic, political, legal, and environmental situations give rise to gender issues.

These differences affect the ability of both females and males to gain access to power and control over resources in a society or community.

Sex And Gender Roles

  • Sex has to do with being a male or a female they determine which. A sex role is a role determined by our biological sex, either male or female i.e. men produce sperm, women menstruate. Sex roles are permanent as it can change them.
  • Gender is a societal ascribed role for males and females. I learn gender roles through socialization, for example, women cook food, men tap wine. Gender roles can change and are not universal.

Sex Roles and Gender Roles

Sex Roles: These are biological roles it expects us to perform because of our being a male or female. E.g. a male can release sperm to impregnate a woman while a woman can menstruate, get pregnant, and give birth to a baby and breastfeeding.

Gender Roles: These are societal ascribed roles to male and female e.g. man should not cook, back a baby and must pay children school fees while a woman must always be in the kitchen, take responsibility for children’s upbringing.

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Who Influences Gender Roles and Sexuality

  • Parents
  • Peer Group
  • Siblings
  • Mass media
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Religious groups
  • Culture
  •  Society

Gender roles can be very oppressive for the woman and expose the woman too many dangers.

Those who influence gender roles and sexuality include parents, peer group, Siblings, mass media, friends, Teachers, Church/Religious groups, Traditional leaders, and opinion leaders.

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Gender Education

  • Boys and girls should know they are equal.
  • Girls and boys could be engaged in the same profession law, medicine, engineering, architecture, pharmacy, etc.
  • Being a girl does not make you inferior to boys.
  • Be proud of who you are.
  • Boys and girls can contribute to the development of the community/society.

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