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Human Resources Management In Education (Personnel Management)

Human resources management in education has to do with how to manage resources in educational organizations or institutions such as the school system.

Dowally, Gibson and Ivancevic defined human resources as the process of accomplishing organizational objectives by gaining, keeping, and use of human resources in an organization.

Some organizations are incompetent in using the resources any organization which cannot always achieve its set objectives is no more worthy to exist.

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Human resources management is also the ability of the organization to use the limited resources to achieve they set objectives or goal in the organization for the organization to achieve that it requires, personnel management skills.


In the school systems, at the secondary school level according to Aderoumu and Ehiametator (1981) observation.

The school administrators are the personnel manager which is the principal, the human resources include the staff in the school, students, parents, community members the ministry of education officials, employers of labour.

This is the connective human resources personnel which required serious manpower planning and implementation to achieve a set aim in the educational system.


This group of people do the interview and recommending candidates to management for employment.

It does recruitment of staff in the educational organizations on the education board with the approval of the ministry of education.

This start with manpower planning depending on staff need.

All the staff in public schools are used by the supervisory board in education after that orientation or they do induction it does induction the orientation is necessary because work attitudes and such training develops ethics giving to them.


This deals with the potential view of man and understanding of the individual in the education services.

According to Batty (1979), it is:

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  1. wage and salary structure: this is the method for calculating the wages and salaries of the staff of the organization.
  2. Organization and procedure
  3. Promotion
  4. Education and training
  5. Recruitment and selection
  6. Conflict management.

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