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How Pregnancy Occurs

Pregnancy is a condition in which a woman carries a baby in her womb from the time they implant a fertilized egg inside the womb until the baby is born.

The process of Male Reproduction

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  • At puberty, they produce and store the sperm in the testes
  • When the man is excited, the sperm mixes with semen produced by the prostate gland, seminal vesicles, and Cowper’s gland
  • The mixture of the semen and sperms leave the penis during ejaculate

The Process of Pregnancy

  • During puberty (starting from 10 to 14 years) a girl will menstruate.
  • At about the same age, a boy’s reproductive organs grow and produce millions of sperm in the testes
  • A girl’s ovary releases a ripe egg once a month in the middle of her menstrual cycle. I know this as menstruation
  • The egg moves down the fallopian tube and waits to be fertilized
  • Fertilization occurs when the female egg unites with the male sperm in the fallopian tube
  • For the sperm to get inside the girl, sexual intercourse must occur whereby the boy discharges sperm into the girl’s vagina.
  • The sperm travels up through the cervix into the uterus and fallopian tubes. The first sperm to reach the girl’s egg will fertilize it.
  • When the male sperm fertilizes the female egg, it says conception has taken place. It takes only one sperm and one ripe egg to make a baby.
  • The fertilized egg then travels to the uterus and implants itself there to develop until the baby is ready to be delivered in nine months.

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Questions and Answers To The Concerns Of Youth

Question: Is it possible for a girl to get pregnant the first time she has sex?

Answer:  Yes. It is possible for a sperm to join with an egg the first time a girl has sex and this will cause pregnancy.

Question: Can a girl get pregnant if she has sex while standing?

Answer:  Yes. Sperm can travel into the uterus from the vagina no matter the position the girl during sexual intercourse.

Question: Is it safe for a girl under 18 years to get pregnant?

Answer: No. It is not safe. It can lead to physical, emotional and social problems for both the girl and the boy.

Question: Why is sexual intercourse not for young boys and girls?

Answer: Their bodies are not yet developed enough for sexual intercourse and pregnancy

  • Sex can lead to an unexpected pregnancy and, as a result, causes danger and ill health/death for the girl and/or the baby or of both.
  • They can contract Transmitted Infection including HIV

Question: Can a girl get pregnant during foreplay without introducing the penis into the vagina?

Answer: Yes, if a male discharges on the female’s thigh or around the pubic area, the sperm can travel into the vagina resulting in pregnancy

Signs and Symptoms Of Pregnancy

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  • The absence of period/spotting
  • Nausea (Feeling like vomiting) early
  • Morning
  • Tender breasts
  • Weight gain
  • Decreased or increased appetite
  • Tiredness
  • A pregnancy test can also confirm pregnancy

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