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Ghana president receives world’s first free Covax jab

Ghana President Nana Agubo-Addo on Monday became the first person to receive a coronavirus vaccine from Covaxs, a global initiative to purchase and distribute free vaccines to poor countries.

Rich countries were initially advanced to curb their population, but many poor countries are still waiting for the first vaccine.

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The 76-year-old president said before receiving footage in Oxford, “It is important that I set an example that this vaccine is safe there first so that everyone in Ghana can get this vaccine comfortably.” Estrogenica vaccine.

The first woman, Rebecca Agubo-Addo, also received a bullet, with the remaining 600,000 dosages being used nationwide.

The Food and Drug Administration of Ghana approved an Indian-made vaccine and Russia’s Sputnik V last month as the government aims to target 20 of its 30 million population by the end of this year.

Last Wednesday, Saffron led Ghana, the first country to receive vaccines from Kovacs, the Vaccine Alliance, the World Health Organization (WHO), and the Infectious Disease Prevention Coalition (CEPI).

Some of the 145 participating economies are set to receive 337.2 million doses by the middle of the year – enough to vaccinate at least three percent of their combined population.

Kovacs expects the number of low-income countries to increase to 27 percent by the end of December.

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Ghana has reported 84,023 government-19 cases and 607 deaths since the outbreak, although the actual number is believed to be higher due to lack of testing.

The schools reopened in January, 10 months after their closure, but large community gatherings were banned and land and maritime boundaries were closed by March 2020.

The president said that despite the release of the vaccine, all existing restrictions on the spread of the virus would remain in force.

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