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Beware Of Facebook Clone – Protect Yourself From Facebook Scams

Beware Of Facebook Clone – Are you are a Facebook user, this message on Facebook Clone is for you! And all Facebook users need to be aware of it as it is the new way some scrupulous individuals carry out Facebook scams, swindling victims.

On a clear note, Facebook clone or Facebook cloning is a technique in which scammers impersonate a Facebook user (Victim) by creating a fake Facebook account profile of the victim (targeted user) by using images and other information stolen from the victim’s real Facebook profile.

The scammers use this method to swindle people especially the friends, colleagues, and family members of the victim since they would think it is the real person they know.

Gaining the victim’s information is usually made possible in most cases when the targeted user (Victim) choose to make their information public on Facebook.

As such the scammers are able to see through your Facebook friend list, and then add them up in the newly created fake Facebook account, with the intention to dupe or scam them.

Worthy of note, the Facebook clone is not the same as Facebook hacking g as the scammer has not actually gained access into the victim’s real Facebook account – rather they only make a duplicate of such an account.

By making such duplicate, they start using it to send out a friend request to your family and friends, with the intention to scam them into sending them money, or divulging important personal information, financial information, or just to steal your identity.

Some of them even dirt your image by making and updating irritating posts, causing others to believe you are the one who actually posts some of the embarrassing posts.

This could damage relationships and friendship, cause you loss of respect, and in higher cases, when the scammers get around your friends and family members, to scam them by asking them for money, they fall for it.

They fall for it because they think it is the real and genuine person they know!

How To Protect Your Account From Facebook Clone And Scam

Although it seems harder to generally avoid this problem in totality, few steps and practices can actually help mitigate it, especially by employing the use of your Facebook privacy settings.

Using it to hide and control who sees some of your details, and making things more private.

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This is because the more public your profile and information, the more it is easier and effective for the scammers to clone your Facebook account.

To prevent this and curtail this, you can do the following;

1. When people send you to request with an account you are not sure to be real, simply search for it to see if you’re already friends with the person.

2. When people send you messages and another post questionable, simply call them or text them to confirm the genuineness of such a message.

3. When you notice a fake account or notice you have been cloned or impersonated, report such a fake account to Facebook.

4. Hide your friend list.

5. Run privacy checks and check who can see your photos, personal information and details, and even more.

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