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Effects of Repeated Abortion

There are so many complications and challenges in repeated abortion for in-stance cervix damage, womb, and infertility in a woman.

Definition of abortion: The consider end of a human pregnancy frequently performed amid the first 28 weeks of pregnancy.

Abortion: In medicine, premature birth is the untimely exit of the results of origination (the embryo, fetal films, and placenta) from the uterus.

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It is the pass of a pregnancy and does not allude to why they lost that pregnancy.

Women who engage in repeated abortion suffer from psychiatric disturbance.

It even worse in young girls, they also suffer from psychological problems and it also attracts bad reputations on them.

Not only social consequences but also moral, it an offence in God’s site.

When a woman cried out that men are exploiting her, she thinks the solution is to abort; abortion will even exploit the person more.

When men are satisfied with the pleasure they get from a woman, pregnancy occurs, and he does not want to have the baby he will ask a woman to abort, I ask in whose stomach, his own or women own.

Ending the life of a baby in your womb is dangerous to your life and health and to worsting it when you want to have your own baby it will become a problem.


Kinds of Abortion

  • Induced abortion and
  • Non-induced abortion

Induced abortion: is a medical or surgical abortion these helps to end a baby’s life in the womb which can cause so many damages such as:

  1. Psychoses
  2. Neuroses
  3. Renal failure
  4. Chronic renal diseases
  5. Cancerous Womb
  6. Intrauterine infection
  7. The death of the person.

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Non-induced abortion:

these means miscarriage which can cause by disease or defects, this kind of abortion is unintended abortion unless it occurs by neglect of the pregnant woman, by taking the medication she supposed to avoid during pregnancy.


Methods of Buying Abortion

The most used is D&C (Dilation and curettage) which always done between the seventh and thirteenth weeks of pregnancy.

In D & C cervix is been enlarged, and the fetus is removed by crushing and tearing the womb which can cause big damage to the woman, the most common damage in D & C is infertility because sometimes the Womb is turned down.

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