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Concept of Peer Education

Peer Education is an approach whereby they train peer representatives from a group or population to inform and influence the majority within their age group.

It is a process whereby young people educate and counsel their peers to influence them to adopt positive ways of doing things, concerning their sexual and social behaviour.

The Rationale for Peer Education for Young People

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  • These empower young people with information
  • Facilitates easy access to young people
  • It encourages free communication between people of the same age group
  • Increases positive peer influence
  • It facilitates the dissemination of factual information to their peers
  • It enhances the participation of young people in programmes designed for them

Qualities of A Good Peer Educator

A good Peer Educator must:

  • Be trained to provide ARH information
  • Good Peer Educator must Be able to communicate well with others
  • Be able to speak confidently to peer, group members,
  • Not be judgmental with peers
  • Be willing to volunteer time to help others
  • Good Peer Educator must Be concerned about the welfare of peers
  • Be able to model appropriate behaviour (be a good role model)
  • Must be willing to provide information on what s/he was trained on

Roles of a Peer Educator

  • Peer Educator needs to inform and educates his or her peers
  • S/he counsels, refers and follow-up
  • S/he provides feedback to peers
  • Peer Educator should distribute educational materials to peers
  • S/he refers peers for counselling and services
  • S/he steps down what s/he has been trained on to other peers
  • A Peer Educator acts as natural opinion leaders that facilitate entry into the peer community
  • S/he facilitates continuity and sustainability of programmes
  • S/he identifies ARI I resources and assist in accessing them

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How to Be A Good Peer Educator

A good Peer Educator:

  • Should remember that s/he is a role model by practising what s/he talks about
  • Keep studying and learning about ARH issues
  • A good Peer Educator Should develop leadership skills
  • Should listen to people s/he talks to and share information
  • A good Peer Educator Should be open to new experiences
  • Should ensure that s/he provides accurate information to peers
  • Should provide information about ARH and not preach.
  • Must understand his/her audience
  • Good Peer Educator Must respect the confidentiality of those he is talking to
  • Must practice necessary skills always.

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