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Best Mobile Retail Outlets in Nigeria

For the latest high-quality gadgets, visit the best retail outlets in the country to make sure what you buy.

The Nigerian digital retail space is growing, hence the need for better retail outlets. In this article, we present to you the best mobile retail outlets in the country in any best order.

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List of Top 10 Best Mobile Retail Outlets in Nigeria Currently

3C Hub: The 3C Hub is one of the fastest-growing retail stores in the country. Standing at 3C for trust, convenience, and comfort, the products sold here are of high quality, and that their services and shopping environment are at the forefront. They sell many mobile phones like iPhone, Techno, Infinix, Gionee, Samsung, Inju, but only a few more they are one of the phone stores in Ikeja, Computer Village.

SLOT Systems Limited: Slot Limited is a reliable mobile retailer in Nigeria, and a phone accessories store in Ikeja, a computer village where you can get original Android phones, tablets, computer parts, batteries, and iPhones. One thing about slot phones and other devices they sell is that they look original and high quality with a warranty.

Micro Station: The micro station operates online and offline (physical) stores. They are one of the most important retail-mobile and computer stores in the country. Their mission is to position themselves to speed up innovation with dedicated service and recognition for many customers. You can also find original phones for sale at Computer Village. They sell mobile phones of all brands and their phones are at the cheapest prices you can find in the country.

PTV Phones: PTV Phones is the fastest-growing retail store in Nigeria, specializing in mobile phones and jewelry. There is also an online site where people can place orders directly for the products they want to buy.

Yudala: Yudala is an online and offline mobile retail store. Utah is the first online mobile retailer in the country and has mega retail stores across the country. Their logistics system is efficient and helps customers monitor their delivery process until they reach it.

Pointek: Pointek is one of the leading online and retail stores in Nigeria known for the quality of cell phones, smartphones, tablets, and accessories for your smartphone, computer, and air conditioner, TV, etc. The offline retail outlet is exploding in Nigeria.

Affordable Phones: Affordable Phones is a mobile retail store that handles many mobile phones at affordable prices. These are upcoming brands in Nigeria and Ikeja in Lagos State and their stores in Igorodu.

Mizbeach Limited: Mizbeach Computer is a popular brand in the village and has spread its tents to other parts of the country. We know them for wholesale phone service to phone resellers at affordable prices. They are headquartered in Agege, Lagos, and have warranty service on their products.

Revive Technologies: Once upon a time, there was a retail outlet, known for its mobile phone service, but now it has developed into ten mobile phone retailers in Nigeria. They handle many mobile phone devices in Lagos and other major cities in Nigeria.

Parktel International: Parktel International is a mobile phone company specializing in the distribution of mobile phones and mobile devices of various brands and models in Nigeria and the West African coast of the continent. The company sells all major brands in Nigeria such as Samsung, Techno, Infinix, Nokia, LG, and Sony Ericsson.

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