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Activate YouTube using – How to Activate YouTube using

Activate YouTube using – Viewing a YouTube appear on your colossal TV screen unquestionably improves the experience much when contrasted with a PC or laptop screen.

With the most recent Smart TVs coming in the market, you can easily connect your YouTube to your Smart TV within a few minutes.

Regardless of whether you don’t have a Smart TV, use devices like Roku, Kodi, Xbox One, PS3, and many more to use your regular TV to watch YouTube.

Be that as it may, these devices expect you to sign in and activate your YouTube before you can watch your favorites shows on the TV.

The way toward activating your YouTube on the devices isn’t muddled in any way. However, since there is a wide range of devices that you can use, the way in which you activate YouTube varies from device to device.

How to Activate YouTube using on all devices

Here is a list of the most used streaming devices and the steps to activate YouTube on these devices.

Activating YouTube on Roku

Activating YouTube on Roku devices is pretty easy and only takes a few minutes to set up. Once your YouTube is activated, you can easily watch YouTube videos on your very own TV screen.

You will basically sign in to your account from and enter a digit that Roku gave you to connect YouTube.

Follow the steps given below to activate YouTube on Roku devices

1. Connect your Roku to your TV and sign in to your Roku account. Make sure you are connected to your Wi-Fi as well.

2. Go to your Home Screen (if you aren’t already) by pressing the Home button from your remote

3. Select the option Channel Store and press Ok from your remote. Go to Top Free option and select YouTube then press Ok from your remote

4. You will see an option for Add Channel. Select this option and press Ok from your remote

5. Wait for a while and it will be added to your channels. If you want to check, just press the Home button and go to My Channels. The YouTube channel should be on your channel’s list.

6. Select and open the YouTube channel

7. Select the Gear icon on the left side of the YouTube channel

8. Select Sign in and enter your Google/YouTube account information (If it asks)

9. Roku will give you an 8-digit code. Write it down somewhere or keep this screen open

10. Now go to com/activate from your laptop or phone.

11. Enter your Google account information and sign in

12. Enter the 8 digit code that Roku gave you and proceed.

13. Click Allow access if you see the option.

Now your YouTube is activated on your Roku device with the Roku link. Now, you can easily watch anything from YouTube without any problem.

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