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8+ amazing sites to listen/download free music

Many online users download pirated music from the Internet, costing the entertainment industry millions of dollars every year.

Now you can download and listen to a wide range of songs for free and it is also legal!

Below are the top 8 sites where you can listen/download your favorite songs for free, which we always update to include the best online places for your musical enjoyment.

Although websites are listed from 1 to 8, there is no specific order to this list. At the end of the list, you will find amazing websites that help you find your favorite artists and download their music creation.

And without even worrying about digital rights management.

1.     Amazon Music

You may have already purchased music from Amazon, but few of you know that Amazon offers hundreds of songs and albums for free download.

They are offering a more extensive collection of songs to download and they continue to add new albums from time to time.

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At the time of updating this article, you have an amazing collection of over 50,000 songs that you can listen to or download, legal and free! Isn’t that amazing?

2.     Last FM is one of the most popular internet streaming radio services and they also offer a wide range of MP3s for free download.

You can also find some rare old songs from the 60s and 70s on

Many people think that is for radio only, but now you know that you can download amazing music to your computer, DRM-free and breaking no laws.

3. music

If you like Bollywood music, is the ultimate destination to listen to the latest tracks from upcoming Bollywood movies.

The site also offers a variety of regional, traditional and international songs. offers millions of songs to listen to for free online.

However, this site does not allow you to download or purchase any songs.

If you live in India or you are a fan of Bollywood soundtracks, you can always keep the tab open and listen to this music for free.

4. Legal torrents

If you think torrents are only for sharing pirated material, you can download torrents through legal torrents so they are wrong for you.

Legal Torrents is an online digital media community that distributes high-quality open-licensed (Creative Commons) digital media and the arts.

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They distribute the content with the full permission of the claimant and use peer-2-peer file sharing technology.

You can find hundreds of free mp3 songs on legal torrents.

5. is one of the most popular websites for downloading free music, but I’m sure most of you are not aware that there is a special section for free music.

You can download paid music and paid music from Their collection includes thousands of free tracks from small and large artists.

Some tracks available in the free section are from very popular artists. And when you cannot find free online music from famous artists, this is a great way to find others.

6. Jamendo

Jamendo is a community of free, legal, and unlimited music published under a Creative Commons license.

Jamendo has 31000 free albums to download. If you are an artist, you can also promote your albums through Jamendo.

The site also allows you to donate a few bucks to an artist of your choice. Despite being low on this list, Jamendo is one of the best sites to download free music from its growing song library.

7. Amy Street

Amy Street is a unique site where the prices increase as the songs become more popular. In the beginning, a song is given for free, once it becomes popular you have to pay a small amount to download it. So, whenever a new song is released on Amy Street, you can get it for free before it becomes popular.

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8. Live Music Archive

The Live Music Archive is part of the Internet Archive. It has a collection of 60,000 concert recordings in various audio formats. You can also find thousands of public domain music songs and expired copyright tracks in the Live Music Archive.

More exciting new music services to legally listen to and download free music

We have listed a few more music services below because most free music does not bother anyone, is what I say true? You will also find streaming services, public domain websites, and some free trial options below.

So, if you want to have a collection of free and legally downloaded songs on your computer or player, you can use all the music services provided here to help you.

Spotify – U.S. Available to residents only, over 1 million songs can be listened to for free on this service

Pandora – Restricted to customers from the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, the service provides free online music through radio stations. You can also create your own radio stations.

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