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25 Best Free Music Download Websites on PC and Mac

Free Music Download Websites, there are lots of great apps for downloading music for free on your smartphone, whether it’s iPhone or Android. To spend your time, on any smartphone, play games, another thing you can do, and we have a list with the best iPhone games and one of the best Android games!

However, it is also worth noting that there are many excellent websites that do the same thing. Keep reading below the full list of our websites to download your tunes because, after all, we all like to have music available on all our devices.

  1. ByClick Downloader

The second largest search engine online, allowing you to find millions of second songs and other versions. That means you can easily download any kind of music and version you want to listen to at any time.

Free Music Download Websites

That means ByClick Downloader is a platform that gives you access to a large collection of songs. With the software, you can download any audio track you find online on YouTube to your computer, making it one of the best websites for downloading YouTube videos.

The app allows you to capture audio only in MP3 so you do not need to download the video. Click on this link now to learn how you can use ByClick Downloader to enhance your music collection!

  1. SoundCloud

SoundCloud, a well-known website-created website, brings you a large music library where you can listen to streaming or download if you are interested.

You can find many famous artists and bands sharing their songs on this website, but it is easy to find new music for completely anonymous users. The platform is easy to use, and you can easily find the download button for all the songs you can download.

You can access the website through this link, but if you want to use it on your smartphone, Music Cloud also offers a mobile app that gives you more options on where to download music-generated music from.

  1. Jamendo

Ideal website for anyone who likes covers of indie songs or the most popular tunes, Jamendo has a huge music collection (over 400 thousand tracks) that you can listen to or download online.

The platform is available in different languages ​​and is available through this link. Jamendo can be found in the iPhone’s App Store and Android’s Play Store.

  1. Amazon MP3

You know about the great online store called Amazon. What most people do not know is that they also sell music online. Finding a wide variety of tunes to buy is easy, but you can find many of them for free if you want!

Needless to say, the volume of genius music is far less than what is paid for, but thousands upon thousands of people still appear there. To check out some of the local options, follow the link!

  1. 5. Pure volume

Like NoiseTrade, PureVolume is another platform for musicians around the world to share their work. You can listen to them online, download them generously and vote for the ones you like best, so they get extra exposure.

Free Music Download Websites

This will greatly benefit the artists on the website, motivating them to post more music. See the platform via this link!

  1. Noise Trade

Noise Trade basically acts as a social network for musicians who want to share their songs and projects with people around the world.

You can find and download original music on this website whenever you want, but if any musician likes their work and wants to support them, you can choose to give them some tips. This is a perfect project and you can see it by following this link‌.

  1. Audiomack

One of the best alternatives to Audiomack SoundCloud is a music-sharing platform with a user-friendly heart interface. The website serves as a hub for artists, labels, music lovers, and anyone who wants to discover new and exciting music!

It is really categorized into different categories to help you find what you need. Not everything you find here is real, but there are very different tunes. Visit their official website to find out more!

  1. 8Tracks

Radio streaming, a trendy (ancient) website, is great for anyone who loves radios. It provides a large section of playlists created and maintained by other users that you can listen to at any time.

Free Music Download Websites

Playlists can be searched and searched based on specific artists, music category and music numbers. You can start using the website through the link.

  1. Free Music Archive

Slightly different from the alternatives listed above, the Free Music Archive is a platform that allows musicians, brands, and radio stations to set up amazing playlists for listeners to listen to.

The good thing is, you don’t have to create an account to download music generously. You can also create your own playlist and collaborate on the platform. Follow the link to see more.

  1. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive works as its name implies: it may be the largest archive on the Internet. There, you will find more than just original music, including software, pictures, videos, and thousands of books.

In the Audio section, you have access to not only studio songs, but also audiobooks, podcasts, and live recordings. Follow this link to access this extensive archive.

  1. SoundClick

SoundClick may not have the largest music library compared to other platforms on this list, but there are more options for downloading music generic music. Many well-established artists on the platform sell their songs at accessible prices or allow users to fully download and download.

The best thing is that you can use the copyright of the song commercially if you wish. However, most of them are common. Learn more about SoundClick here!

  1. Last. FM

You may have heard or used because it is actually one of the most popular music websites on the internet. It acts like an actual radio station, with the online radio service providing excellent music to its customers.

However, if you are interested, you can also download the original music in MP3 format. The problem is that not everything on the website is downloadable, but you do not need to register to download them. Watch this online radio station by clicking on this link.

  1. Vimeo

Popular for videos and shorts, Vimeo also offers its users a music archive.

Most songs are paid but you can find many for free. The only drawback is that you have to sign up for the platform and always log in to download these songs. You can access Vimeo through this link.


You may not know it, but is one of the oldest music websites on the entire web. However, it does not have a wider music library than the other alternatives mentioned in this list.

However, you can always find amazing songs there, because new artists want to hear someone share their work on the website. See here!

  1. YouTube

There are many people who convert YouTube videos to audio files using external websites and software, but you can also find royalty-free tunes with video descriptions to find download links.

Free Music Download Websites

If you want it, you have to type “Creative Commons” in the search bar. This is especially useful for those who want to make their own videos and play background music for those who cannot afford copyright. Go to the official website through this link.

  1. Indie Shuffle

A great choice for those who want to know more free musicians, indie shuffle is great for anyone looking for a website to download music genius music.

There are so many types of music that we can find and explore; it is a great choice for those of us who have more choice. Follow the link to check out the website.

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  1. Bandcamp

Like the previous alternative, Band‌camp is also great if you want to find more freelance artists. Usually, musicians upload their albums and songs to the website, which makes it more personal.

One good thing about this platform is that each artist has their own personal category, which leads to a more beautiful experience. As with other options, you can also receive music references based on your interests. Click on this link to see more!

  1. AllMusic

All Music is another interesting website with a large music library. There you will find many recent albums with detailed information not only about them but also about their artists.

There is also album analysis, which helps you to know what to listen to and what not to listen to. Here are some tips on what to look for and strategies to help ease the way. Click here to check.

  1. Musicpleer

Musicpleer is one of the largest and most popular music download sites today. It can be used directly on your web browser or mobile devices.

In general, you can search for the music you want and it will show you the most relevant results from different sources. See the website here.


Anyone who loves classical music should know about It is a website that generously offers users a wide variety of scientific compositions and presentations.

You can browse the website and listen to anything online for free, but unfortunately what you find is not just for download. The biggest drawback of this option is that you have to pay a monthly rate for the platform to download in HD. Follow this link and see more.

  1. DatPiff

As a great alternative to those on microtapes and rap, DatPiff offers these types of amazing music downloads. If you want, you can stream everything online here.

To use, you do not need a user account, which is a big plus. If you want to download music-style music anywhere, you can use their mobile apps. They have different categories and categories to help you find everything you need. See here!

  1. Spinrilla

Spinrilla is another great website for those who are into mictetops or hip-hop music. Today, you can easily browse through its catalog with this month or all-time most popular split mix name, single, or chart.

On this website, you can choose whether you want to stream online or download music. Unusually, if you want to download an entire album, you can do without a single digit, but you must sign up to download specific songs. Follow the website to learn more.

  1. Incompetech

One of the best and largest music libraries is Incompetech, which, unlike most alternatives, focuses on instrumental works (music without voices) that can be used for leisure or as ambient sound, or in videos. You can add your own creation to the platform.

On the website, you can search for different genres like adventure music, horror music, western music, and romantic music. Follow this link to learn more about the best music genius music download websites.

  1. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is another great music platform where many freelance artists can access their tracks and albums. You can choose to sign up as an artist or a fan.

From there, you can upload your own music or download other artists’ tracks. Of course, it pays nothing. To check, follow this link to the official website!

  1. CCTrax

To conclude our list, there is a website called CCTrax, which focuses on the electronic, club, techno, hounds, and downtempo music categories, along with many surrounding music tracks.

The biggest advantage of using CCTrax is that you can download the entire album without having to sign up. See more at this link!

Do you like any website to download generous music on a PC or Mac?

Did any of our tips help you find good websites to download your music? Don’t forget to comment with them and see the best movie download apps, animation viewing apps, and the best IPTV options!

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